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Originally Posted by JBS View Post
All my duty ammo is fired for qualification at the end of the qualification year. The only time I will drop the slide on a round is at the range and as expected it goes down range. When I load, unload, or top off away from the range I ride the slide to prevent bullet setback. I know exactly what "in full battery" looks and feels like in all my weapons. I think sling shotting and full slide drop loading away from the range has been taken to the extreme and the result is un-needed bullet setback, case dents, and loose bullets. In the old days a ride the slide was called a “silent load” and it was not looked down on.
Most of my co-workers are not into firearms at all and hearing other on CT I would think it's safe to say the majority of LEOs are not. They show up to the annual qual, do the required training days, and that is it. I would argue that training the masses to ride the slide teaches bad habits they will go to under stress. I remember hearing stories of guys with revolvers trying to pocket their brass under stress because that's what they did during practice.

Take the admininstrative load for example. I was taught almost 14 years ago to load up, holster, pop out the mag while in the holster, add a round to the mag, and seat the mag while in the holster.

In the last year we've realized a training oppotunity and developing muscle memory is being lost.

Now we are encouraged to get into a proper stance, draw from the holster, perform an emergency reload, then a tac reload, scan and then holster. First mag then gets topped up.

We get our duty ammo replaced every two years and if anyone has issues with their ammo we can get it replaced earlier.

Our old duty ammo gets used on outdoor training days since we usually qual on our indoor range with green ammo. We have never had an issue with old duty ammo.

Train the way you fight.
We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

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