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Those are all good questions. I've answered below.

Before you start replacing things thinking it's a "gun" problem, it might be prudent to expand your consideration of influences that might be at work.

First of all, how experienced are you in shooting plastic-framed pistols, especially Glocks, and especially smallish pistols chambered in .45 ACP?

I own 4 other glocks. 26/27/21/29. Never had a single issue with any of those so I feel pretty confident that it's not a grip or "limp-wrist" issue. I had 2 other people at the local range shoot it and both experienced at least one FTE.

What ammunition are you using when this issue occurs?

I've tried WWB, Speer Lawman, and Federal all FMJ. I've only shot about 20 rounds of JHP through it. Didn't experience an issue with gold dot but with only 20 rounds fired I can't say for sure that ammo would perform flawlessly.

Is the G36 properly clean & lubricated?

Yes I cleaned and lubed it before I first took it out and after each range trip

is it a current production G36, or did you buy it used? (Who knows what the previous owner did to it?)

Bought it new about 6 months ago

Are you experiencing feeding or extraction and/or ejection issues? What's it doing, or not doing?

The spent shell is not fully extracting from the chamber. It will pop out about half-way but the slide will retract all the way and "grab" the next round in the mag causing it to wedge under the un-extracted casing.

Do you have a currently certified Glock armorer in your area who could check out your particular G36?

I'm in Austin so I'm sure there are several here. Not a bad idea to go talk to one and let them look at it.

FWIW, day in and day out, more than 90% of the "gun problems" experienced by the "average" owners of semiautomatic pistols are actually caused, in one manner or another, by the owners. (usually due to something involving familiarity with a specific gun, skillset, technique, experience, etc).

Ammunition issues follow that, but to a much lesser degree.

Actual problems with the gun occur least frequently of all, but can still happen.
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