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Before you start replacing things thinking it's a "gun" problem, it might be prudent to expand your consideration of influences that might be at work.

First of all, how experienced are you in shooting plastic-framed pistols, especially Glocks, and especially smallish pistols chambered in .45 ACP?

What ammunition are you using when this issue occurs?

Is the G36 properly clean & lubricated?

is it a current production G36, or did you buy it used? (Who knows what the previous owner did to it?)

Are you experiencing feeding or extraction and/or ejection issues? What's it doing, or not doing?

Do you have a currently certified Glock armorer in your area who could check out your particular G36?

FWIW, day in and day out, more than 90% of the "gun problems" experienced by the "average" owners of semiautomatic pistols are actually caused, in one manner or another, by the owners. (usually due to something involving familiarity with a specific gun, skillset, technique, experience, etc).

Ammunition issues follow that, but to a much lesser degree.

Actual problems with the gun occur least frequently of all, but can still happen.
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