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This is what happens when typical "helicopter/power mommies" get out of control.

That crap didn't fly in my house but I fully expect to see it from two of my three sisters in law.

My daughter (24) was at the cabin playing with one of her young cousins (about 4). The girl wanted to see the bugs under the rocks and asked my daughter to lift them. My daughter showed her how to lift small ones herself. My niece told my daughter she couldn't because she would get in trouble if she came back with any dirt on her hands.

This was at a cabin in the woods next to a stream and many of my nieces and nephews are not allowed to play outside except on the deck.

I know many young kids (nieces and nephews included) who do not do any chores like clean bedrooms, wash dishes, wash clothes because mommy does it for them.
If it can't get you in trouble, it's not an adventure.
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