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Originally Posted by Glock20 10mm View Post
My 9 month old is already feeding herself (no utensils yet...) so no, I don't see myself cutting her food much past the age of 3.
I just cut up the grilled chicken for my 10 months old lunch. I make her feed herself things that can can be easily picked up by her. But I really don't have to make her do it. She already wants to do things for herself. She has been eating a mix of real food and baby food since before she was 6 months.

I don't believe in babying kids. They will just turn out weak and have no independence. That doesn't mean that you don't protect them. You can't let truly dangerous and deadly things happen, but you can let fail and fall and learn on their own.

We are being brainwashed as a society to overprotect and give in it to our kids wants. That is not how it is supposed to be. Everyday I see to commercials that talk about their kid being a picky eater. Of course the commercials answer is some over sugared drink that is no good for them. A copout for the parents who doesn't want to stand their ground and be tough.
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