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Originally Posted by CharlieDelta127 View Post
What is the average shelf life of tap water without any addatives (i.e. bleach etc.)? Before it tastes like crap, or becomes contamined? Honestly I havent heard anything bad about the GI water cans. Nothing but good reviews. Im actually looking to put these in my truck. And would defiantly consider some of the cheaper ones for storage at home.

I usually add a touch of bleach just to make sure.

Most places say 8 drops of bleach per gallon when purifying water. But since the water coming from your tap should be reasonably pure already, I typically add 10 drops per 5 gallon container (2 drops per gallon). It probably isn't really necessary, but there is no real down side to doing so.

This site has a nice "how many drops of bleach" calculator -
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