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Originally Posted by LT642 View Post
As stated many times the Glock Sport Combat holster is a good holster for the money. If you want leather, look at Ritchie Leather in NY. The owner used to work with Lou Alessi himself. I have both Ritchie and the old school Alessi and I can't tell which is which without looking at the stamps. Ritchie turn around isn't bad at all, it's well worth the wait.


I've used my old Alessi CQC-S (Lou made it!) for my G21's/20 for 12 years or so.

And using the Ritchie CQR (or whatever the heck he calls it) for the G17 last year, or so.

I have a box 'O holsters, and have found nothing that conceals any better, very close to the Sparks VM2 or Theis/Crossbreed IWB holsters. I haven't carried IWB in a couple of years now!

For a less expensive alternative, I really like my Galco CombatMaster, other than the fact that it's only available with 3/4" belt slots.

I've used the Galco Concealable, but way too much forward cant for me.
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