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Originally Posted by fwm View Post
As often as the cops raid the wrong house, criminals do it far more often. Avoiding drugs and scumbags is a false sense of security, as they can come for you, even if it is through stupidity.

Example. I live at: ABC Liberty Road. (Fake address)
Another fellow with the same first and last name lived at:
ABC Liberty Street.(Similar Fake address)

I got his motorcycle insurance bills, doctor bills, tax refund checks, and when he died a lot of sympathy cards. If he had a bad drug deal go down, I could very well have been attacked in the middle of the night with no warning.

It can happen.

And in my world, decent neighborhoods are what DRAW criminals to the area. More to steal than in bad neighborhoods.
Of course it can. Unless you build your home on land that only tee pees were on centuries ago, you could take the wrath of a targeted HI intended for the previous owner. I'd say if the
mail was addressed to ABC Liberty Rd., the mailman is an idiot. If had the correct address, the companies who were sending the stuff is to blame. Either way, your initials and address with Ave. in bold on the inside of the door Could have put a stop to that. How annoying!

I was just saying of things we're able to control. You're right, anything could happen.

I also agree about the rifle being used. It's not a theatre full of unsuspecting sitting ducks. I don't train often (enough) with long-guns. I can move and more importantly take cover with a handgun. If the fight comes to me, I hope to have enough time to put any armed intruders out of their comfort zone and off their plan. If it's them dead on the foyer or running off, I could not care less. What kind of weapon they have matters little since the outcome will likely be decided in less than 15 seconds.
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