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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
LMAO... yup,, I have been on a self imposed Haitus from fast bike owning for 8 or so years... I am wanting to do it again, but the last bike I had to lay down was my ninja 900 , and I was much younger then 1984... I have been lucky and vigilant enough not to be wrecked over the years even racing motocross...
I really like the Ducs and Aprillas I have seen and am lusting after a sporty weekend rider...The TUONO is calling my name so is the Panigale..
I am ambivalent about the Tuono V4 because I don't like the fact that Aprilia had adopted the Japanese mentality to water down the naked bike's engine output from the sport bike's engine output. The Tuonos have been nothing but a Mille with a handlebar and no fairing. Detune the engine by 10-HP is a transgression against God and Man. Granted, it's still a 140-HP + to the rear wheel but the thought of a detuned Tuono just galls me so and that's why I haven't bought one yet. Not to mention that the current two colors are matte black and yellow. No red, WTF, over?

I'll give Aprilia another year to see if they're going to do something different for the V4 Tuono. If not then I'll buy something else, like maybe a KTM 990 Supermoto. Talk about a machine that's the equivalence of viagra that you can kill yourself on.
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