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Originally Posted by Bilbo Bagins View Post
I seen a growing trend that has me concerned that the future generations of American will be screwing in the future.

I'm at a diner eating lunch, sitting at a table and facing a booth. In the Booth is a mom and two kids. The girl is about 12 years old, and the boy is a big 6 foot tall skinny teenager with a local high school hoodie on.

Food comes to the booth and the daughter hands her plate to Mom, and she proceeds to cut her food up for her. I'm thinking, that is silly , my kids learned to cut there own food at an earlier age.

Then the teenage boy pipes up and says "Mom" and hands over his stack of pancakes for his mom to cut up

For the record, the kids did not seem to be mentally handicap, or physically disabled...just lazy.

Pancakes...PANCAKES!! A Toddler with a butter knife should be able to cut up pancakes.

The sad thing is this isn't the first time I seen it. I have even seen it with other kids in my family. What the heck is wrong with kids these days. Back in the day, I would have been embarrassed to have my parents cut my food.
I cut up my son's food.

He's 2.

At 12 he better either cut his own food, swallow it whole, or he's gonna starve.

There has to be more to this.
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