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Originally Posted by RC-RAMIE View Post
Especially this Rebel for 2K that bike still books at $2900 hell trade in value is $2300. He could ride for a year or two and get his $2000 back out of it.

You buy these things, beat the hell out of them and sell them off for pretty much what you got into it.

I laugh whenever people reasoned, "Yeah, but I'll outgrow the bike." No, you're not going to outgrow the bike any time soon, and by then you'd probably have a better idea of what kind of bike you'd be interested in.

When I got back into motorcycling eight years ago after a long hiatus, I thought that I was going to get me a "reasonable" bike that would fit a fellow of certain maturity. Something that doesn't make me look like a crotch rocketeer. So I bought a BMW. Three months later, I realized that: a) I hate heavy beasts, b) I hate slow, heavy beasts, c) The Roundel ain't all that. I would have been better off on an el cheapo something until I discovered that I still have the hots for fast Italian machines like I did when I was younger and rode a Ducati.
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