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Originally Posted by HexHead View Post
Stop trying to play to the middle. Force the country to make the decision between hard right or hard left. No more of this 0bama or 0bama Lite BS. Let's just settle it once and for all.
You have to play towards the middle in order to win. I watched this game theory course and it explained it very well.

say you have this number line, 1 being very liberal, 10 being very conservative. And assume 1/10th the population is one of the numbers.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

If you have both sides play hard right and left, then you will have an even match. If you play hard right and they play moderate (5), they capture 1-5 as well as 6-7 because those numbers are closer to 5.

And again, that's assuming an even distribution, which it probably isn't. That's why everyone moves towards the middle.

If the Republicans lose... i dunno. I swear I'm not trying to be racist but they should find some half black/half Mexican guy. Or maybe just a Mexican guy. Or a women. But one who has the values of the party.
The regular conservatives will vote for him because he/she is conservative.
The black and mexican people will vote for him because he's their race. And this is past experience. 95% of black people are voting for Obama this election and probably the last. I wonder why?

Do you think they added Sarah Palin at the last moment, last time because of her brilliance and she was the very best to do the job?

I vote because of issues, but a lot of people don't. And to leave no one out, I guarantee there are at least a few white people who are voting for Romney because he's white. I think it's wrong but that's just the way it is. Either accept it like the democrats or lose again.

If you change too many values, even the social issues that I don't agree with, more of the conservative vote will vote libertarian while the rest vote republican, screwing that entire side over.

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