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Originally Posted by NMGlocker View Post
A tablet is not a laptop and if you bought one thinking it would be a laptop replacement you didn't do your research.
Buy any 7"-10" tablet, skip they keyboard because that's like putting diamond ear rings on a pig.
A tablet is a media consumption device that is capable of light work.
They are designed for internet browsing, reading email, playing games, e-books, music and possibly reading/light editing documents.
They are for doing all this on the go, train, airplane, in the car or at the Dr's office waiting room.
I have a iPad2, Nexus7 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" and 10", all are great for what they were designed to do. If I need to work on the go I break out the MacBook Air, but if I want to be entertained on a 6 hour flight I use my tablet.
Go into it as an educated customer to avoid disappointment. One more time, A tablet is NOT a laptop replacement.
My 7" tablet will slip in the thigh pocket of my cargo shorts and I can watch a movie in HD, answer a few emails or browse some forums while riding the crowded metro 45 minutes into DC then pop up Google maps and navigate to where I'm going once I'm downtown. That's what a tablet does that laptops can't.

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Good post.

You know I got into this one-bagging kick when flying and I'm looking to trim ounces. iPad is very heavy and primarily only used for movie watching on planes and pdf references when working. I'm wondering if a 7" tab might be the ticket here.

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