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Originally Posted by cfr View Post
Ive seen some say they wouldnt buy something like a PPQ due to the mag release and they'd completely have to relearn compared to a button.

Fair enough I suppose.

Couldnt the same be said for other weapons though? If you regularly train with a rifle and a pump shotgun, couldnt you accindentally try to pump your AR, or swap the mag from your 870?

Then you try out an AK, and the safety is in a completely different spot than both of those.

Not trying to debate anyone, just understand the logic. Im also home sick and bored today, and have always wondered how these concerns would be dealt with on other weapons.

How much do these things really matter?
I grew up shooting an 870 Wingmaster. I can operate it with my eyes closed and it's 35 years later. That is why I bought an 870 HD . No time wasted in an emergency situation....................... DOC
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