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Originally Posted by DaneA View Post
Pretty much this.

I have 4 kids (12,9,3,2). Both my wife and I carry everyday (we both use CBST holsters). My kids know that we carry and don't think anything about it. The two oldest go shooting regularly. The two youngest have 0 curiosity as they have always been exposed to them. They have been taught not to touch just the same way as they won't touch a hot stove. I'm sure that will change a bit as the get older and that is when they will learn to shoot.
I carry c 1 anytime the gun is on my person. At night the c 1 gun goes in the safe and our bed side guns are in c 3.
Start teaching now and you will reduce potential problems later.
I agree with all this except my HD gun is also stored C1 at my bedside in a very well constructed handgun safe.

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