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Originally Posted by HexHead View Post
Stop trying to play to the middle. Force the country to make the decision between hard right or hard left. No more of this 0bama or 0bama Lite BS. Let's just settle it once and for all.
OK... but seriously... you mean the opposite of that, right?

Originally Posted by Flying-Dutchman View Post
Why do you care what happens to the GOP? You are a Democrat.
I'm not a Democrat. I'm a Republican.

Originally Posted by Diesel McBadass View Post
What should people do when making a political thread?

A. Post it in lounge
B. Dont post it
C. Post it in politial issues
D. Post in general firearms

hint: its b or c
It's election season. The election is "General Discussion."

Nobody reads the sub forums anyway.

Originally Posted by Bilbo Bagins View Post
God help us, because the only way we can lose to Biden in 2016 is if the GOP puts up a mentally dense, Christian Taliban, Ultra Conservative ideolog as a presidential candidate.
I think that:

1) 2016 will bring us our first female president in Hillary Clinton.

2) A move to pander to the Kookistani Taliban Patriots in 2016 will further alienate the mainstream Republicans and would trigger the collapse of the party (which is already happening slowly).
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