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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Are there hidden buttons on the bottom corners?
Yes. Menu and Back are software buttons (capacitive touch) and you can go so far as to set the backlight off for them if you don't need/want it.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Accidental swipes or gestures?
Yes - palm swipe for screenshot and so on. You can turn them all off in settings if you want.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Google searches seem to suggest that importing video to a mac is challenging. Can anyone confirm?
Don't have any macs, but worst case scenario would be to plop the video on a microsd card within the phone and then use a usb card reader to get it into the mac.

Barring that you could get a USB OTG cable (lets you plug in flash drives or other usb stuff directly to the phone)

Maybe you could use the MHL cable if your mac has an hdmi port and play it from the phone onto the mac and capture that way (okay - that one probably qualifies for worst case scenario lol)

There are always other avenues like dropbox or wifi file transfers that should be operating system neutral.

I would venture to guess that for the tech savvy it should be more of an inconvenience, whereas those with less technical knowledge may find it more of an impossibility - but just speculation. I haven't owned an apple computer in almost two years, maybe they have increased the machine wanting to be compatible with non-apple products since then.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
and I saw some suggestions out there that no one of these companies seemed particularly interested in addressing some of the compatibility problems.
That would be a fair assessment. It's really not in anyone's best interest to blend the apple/android world - two completely different approaches.

The ball would be in apple's court for that anyways, should they choose to release some of the tight rein they hold over the apple operating systems and compatibility with non-apple products, there would be a flood of community support on both sides to grease the wheels.

I see people move heaven and earth to go about rooting or devving for their android on a mac pretty often. These people would just give countless hours of time to making it work without looking for a buck.

I don't particularly think apple and android should blend, and feel their distinctions are important though i've chosen my side. The idea that I can't associate with users of apple products would be funny if so many fanatics on both sides didn't believe it as immutable law.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Too big to operate comfortably with one hand......kept having to adjust it in my hand.....slightly but still. For my needs the width of iphone is right. It seemed to beg for 2 handed operation. Even the sales chick was demoing it with 2 hands.

I was wondering if my impressions were shared by others
Yes again. I almost took it back after an hour out on my own with it, because it was just too big.

But I use my cell service for maps with google and drive - a lot - for work. My last smartphone had a tiny screen, so I was open to the larger one for easier viewing in the vehicle.

Turns out that after almost two weeks of having it I was able to comfortably use it with one hand, just navigating with my thumb the lazy way, without having to shift my grip to reach everything.

You also get used to the capacitive buttons on the bottom and stop hitting them with your palm after about the same while.

At this point, well, I can use it at least as quickly and intuitively as my last smartphone, so it really just comes down to a matter of practice. I do have particularly small hands so thought this might be a bigger problem then it turned out to be.

I figured to give it an honest shot would be to hold for at least 12 of the 14 days on the return period, and by then when I re-assessed I realized how not a problem it had become.

I do like the stock battery life, was pretty impressed - surprised even - I could get away with using it without having to accessorize. I ended up getting a monster sized battery for it anyways, and now it's just insane. I don't even think about a charger when I walk out the door, maps with gps, bluetooth on my stereo headset for music, calls, everything basically.

Even though I wanted the larger screen for driving navigation, I was apprehensive about being stuck with it for everything else beyond that purpose.

Come to realize that it's just better. Web browsing is easier, movies look better, whole nine.

I also love the picture-in-picture feature of the stock video player, where I can click it and then surf the web or something with a little video window overlay that I can move around as needed. Any smaller of a screen and such a feature would be clunky, but on this it works well. Constantly watching movies while doing other stuff on it, I don't have to make the choice of watching a movie at the expense of something else.

...and with the 32 gig internal + a 64 gig microsd card, i've got a lot to choose from. I have a handful of memory cards packed with media, and the way the S3 reads microsd cards is as an extsdcard, and allocates internal memory to be read as the 'sdcard' android is looking for. This means you can swap out cards without messing up your installed apps (or jumping through hoops not to) and can really use the memory card slot as expandable media without hassle.

Honestly, if apple would put a dang microsd slot on their iphone I would buy one or two to use. I definitely take care of my small electronics, and definitely have a few high end smartphones to play with now, so adding an iphone even off contract wouldn't be a problem. I'd just share my internet from whatever device was active at the time with it like I do the others now.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
.......and came home empty handed.

All my contacts and calendars are in icloud. So, I have to find how to get them into google's servers.

Then I walked over to the iP5. Felt familiar in my hand. As fast as the S3. Simple to navigate. Beautiful display. Light. Its what I have now in iP4 but better.

and thought that some might be interested in why iphone users are happily buying up a phone that many say lacks innovation. In short, it does what I want but does it better and I like my ecosystem.
The phone you should have in your hand is the one you want. Don't just get an android because it's an android, nor an iphone because it's an iphone. Get what fits your needs.

If you're vested in apple stuff, have a mac, and currently use an iphone...and don't really have any complaints? Get another iphone if that's what you want.

Honestly, if you're all apple tech then you probably don't know what you're missing anyways.

(same can be said for linux users with androids and vested market purchases - that shoe fits both feet)

I don't think you gave it enough of a chance to see, but that's not up to me to decide, really it's your call.

If you really want to see how it is, play with it throughout the majority of your return period to see if you want to make the switch.

I'm having a grand old time with nfc - bought a bunch of tags and have been setting up all kinds of nifty stuff to happen with them. I couldn't imagine not being able to use nfc to manage my device at this point.

When the iphone gets nfc, you apple people are going to go nuts. The plethora of android devices is setting the stage for an 'arms race' for tag size - as in the amount of data you can write to it - and on the software side we are learning how to work with the variances in encoding and size.

You can make triggers that will have your device immediately ready and/or doing what you want it to do within seconds, instead of you telling it what you want it to do next.

By the time the tech hits the apple crowd, we'll have predetermined the most popular and useful things you can program that tags to do, so you'll have quite the menu of convenience to choose from by that time.

Anyways, it doesn't have to be about apple OR android - you may find your needs suited with an ipod touch tethered to your android smartphone - it's just a matter of what you want.

I spent the time extolling some of the virtues of the S3, as I have one, and you asked for opinions. Hope this helps you to see what you wanted from this thread.
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