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Originally Posted by ICARRY2 View Post
The biker was 100% in the wrong.

The leo's pc for stopping him was the call about excessive speed and possibly reckless passing.

Since the biker was OCing, he should have just answered yes to the leos question. If later the leo wanted to search, the biker could have refused. I doubt seriosly though he would have made a request to search.

Leos do have the legal authority to ask any motorist/passenger about guns.

Had the biker just answered yes to the gun question, the leo would have just told him to slow down and be more careful when passing.

Here is my DL, registration, insurance and my MILITARY ID.

Five minute stop max!

Thank you and have fun.

I'm also a little more than disappointed that a USMC Captain does not have any respect for the potential dangers faced by leos everyday.

You would think someone in the military who has been in combat would be the first to understand.
But what was the purpose of asking if the motorist was OPEN CARRYING? That seems as dumb to me as looking at the sky and asking if it is blue. Non consent to a search would not hide the fact he had a firearm.
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