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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post

Most Americans are Moderate, with a slight left lean on social policies and slight right lean on fiscal policies. If you deliver a candidate who is a Leader and supports the beliefs of the American people, you have a very good shot at winning an election.

These last two go-arounds have not been "good shots."

2) I think they WILL analyze the areas of the Romney ticket that were weak/ didn't resonate and deliver another RINO in 2016. Maybe more left, maybe more right- they don't have a lot of qualified people to choose from within their ranks, so it will be who presents the least liability.
Why do you care what happens to the GOP? You are a Democrat. And no, the Country is not left leaning.

Romney will win as Americans will think and vote.

If by some chance Obama wins, the 49% dependency class will grow to 60% so the Democrats will have a permanent captive voting block until the whole socialist system collapses then all bets are off.

If the Obama disaster continues, you will see, right or wrong-headed, a Populist Party of some sort either with the Republicans, Tea Party or under a new name.

If the current parties do not address our chronic $700B/year trade imbalance with the loss of manufacturing jobs and if they both ignore the immigration flood, a new populist party will form.

The Democrats have abandoned the private sector working man and is just the party of welfare and Government worker unions.

Good or bad, these forgotten folks are ripe for something new. Pray Romney wins and the economy improves soon.
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