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Originally Posted by RatDrall View Post
I've completely changed how I think about SHTF knives.

I sold all of my thin, short bladed fixed blade knives. I don't want to bother carrying a fixed blade knife if it is not thick enough to baton wood with, and a specific blade length between 4" and 5". The only things I use the fixed blade for are food and fire preparation, and shelter making.

Anything short of that, I can do with a pocket folder like a Spyderco Delica or Endura, that take up half the space as an ESEE-3 or similar would.
That is the other half of a good SHTF blade. If you have a solid, full tang knife, with a folding saw, and something to start a fire and you are pretty much set in a survival situation.

I was big into lightweight hatchets back in the day, but the more I got into good batoning blades, the more I like them. Its most bushcraft/batoning knives are lighter than the lightest hatchet, and they are safer and easy to use. You have other uses with a good knife like food prep, gutting, skinning, carving, and self defense.

The knife I carry in my pocket is more for opening packages and stabbing bad guys if I can't get to my gun. Currently its a Benchmade mini Griptilian, because I recently broke my CRKT M16. If the SHTF it can be pressed into service, but its hard to get a pocketable folding knife that would make a good survival knife. I have a Cold Steel Recon 1 folder that is not too bad, but its a PITA to carry.

Going back to what bdcochran said though in his OP, teach your kids. So many kids today don't know how to use tool like hammers, screwdrivers and knives.

I was actually going to start a thread on GNG about this. I have two young daughters that know how to swim, ride a bike, use tools, and use a knife. I see too many teenagers.. both male and female who have no clue how to function independently and use their hands, to the point where they slide their plate over to Mommy to cut their food up for them.

Its really sad.
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