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What should the GOP do after a Romney loss?

As a spinoff of the other popular thread, what do some of the members here think the GOP should do to recover after a Romney loss?

...and what do you think they will do?

(Do NOT bother posting off topic things like "Romney will win" or "Obama will activate the FEMA Death Camps")

For example:

1) I think they SHOULD purge the vocal minority of social conservatives and the religious right and update the platform on social issues. Make them the wacky third party that everyone makes fun of instead of having a large amount of dissatisfied GOP party members who can't get on the same page policy-wise.

Most Americans are Moderate, with a slight left lean on social policies and slight right lean on fiscal policies. If you deliver a candidate who is a Leader and supports the beliefs of the American people, you have a very good shot at winning an election.

These last two go-arounds have not been "good shots."

2) I think they WILL analyze the areas of the Romney ticket that were weak/ didn't resonate and deliver another RINO in 2016. Maybe more left, maybe more right- they don't have a lot of qualified people to choose from within their ranks, so it will be who presents the least liability.
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