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Originally Posted by Mushinto View Post
I do not believe abortion is moral, but it's a dead issue.

The Supreme Court created the right of a woman to have an abortion and banned states from preventing it. There is no appeal, it's over.

Pro life groups should lobby, march and provide education to try and convince woman not to have one, but as far as banning abortion it's a dead issue.

Let's move on.
You're right. But there are some people who are never going to stop trying to make abortion illegal by whatever way possible. And those people are in the republican party.
Just like the anti-gunners are never going to stop, and they joined the democrats.
Fear your government.
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For too long people have said "screw NY, IL, etc" or "that'll never happen here." Yes, it will eventually. If we dont start standing up together now, it will never stop.-ilgunguygt
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