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Originally Posted by RenoF250 View Post
Abortion is for the convenience of the idiots. Birth control works and when it don't you know within a month and can "abort" with black cohosh or the like.
Todd Aiken... is that YOU???

I had to google it, but "Black Cohosh" is a dietary supplement that might have some effect in treating hot flashes in menopausal women.

Did you think it was Plan B??

Originally Posted by RenoF250 View Post
Someone explain the logic that allows the woman to decide to go to term and make the man pay child support but if she wants to abort he has no say???????
You need someone to explain... the logic?

Because it's her lady parts.

Next question...

Originally Posted by gotin View Post
For some reason everybody likes banning things. How about offering incentives to keep the babies if that is the big deal?
How about the government just STFU and lets people do what they want without interference. This would apply to their actions as well as their bodies. Yeah... that's a good idea!
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