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No matter what the GT braintrust thinks, this a topic that by an large women side with Obama on. I think you will find that a very high (i would suspect close to 75%) of women will be more on the side of the Dems than the Repub when it comes to reproductive issues.

There are some mainstream religions who (read catholic) who believe contraception is immoral and if they could would force their beliefs on the rest of the country.

And everyone who says women should just learn to keep their legs together and this wouldnt happen, what say you about cases of rape? Should a woman, through no choice of her own, became pregnant be forced to have the baby? After all, if she had just not made the choices she did....

What do you say about abortion when the mother and baby are at risk of dying and the baby is not yet developed enough to survive (this does happen). We (as in humans) make choices all the time that other humans shouldnt live or being in society for the benefit of others. We execute these people, throw them in jail.

I have often wondered, how can someone be for execution and against abortion on moral grounds. Killing someone who isnt an direct threat to your life (for example someone on death row) is murder its just murder than is justified by society. This means that anyone who can justify executions by definition believes that murder is acceptable given the correct set of conditions. After this, it is just arguing what those conditions are. I would think if you are opposed to murder, your are opposed to murder.

All in all, this is a winning slogan for Obama to get female votes.
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