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Originally Posted by snewsoG22 View Post
I'm sure he cut down the springs. Just like every other sub2k bump fire vid on youtube did too!

I have one. I have only put maybe a few hundred rounds through it. It has jammed twice, but I blame the 10 round magazine it came with, since it has worked great with all other magazines. I think you will find the majority opinion on this little gun is very favorable.

I wish the OP had found it more comfortable because they are pretty neat guns. A lot of people think they are hard to get down on the sights enough, but I'm a big guy and don't have a problem with it. I really think it can be overcome with just a bit of practice. 10/22's are great, it was my first gun. I do agree that every collection needs one, but I also think you'll be kicking yourself for not getting the sub2k, OP.
Maybe, but the collection includes a folding stock AK, so I have the short-ish rifle/carbine platform covered, and now I know that I should be looking out for a 9mm or .40 AR platform or something just a little more ergonomic (for me) than the KT if I decide I want something in a pistol caliber.

Now, to save the proper funds and add a 1911 to the collection!
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