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Originally Posted by stevemc View Post

I have all mac computers at home.1 Imac, 4 or 5 Macbooks, Apple Tv, Airports, 3TB time capsule, Ipod touch, etc. I just could not buy the Iphone. I went to get the S3 and ended up with the HTC One. The Beats music feature was import and I can tell you it actually does sound better than Apple. The camera is very good and instantaneous. The software also does everything I need. If you haven't already tried it, check out the HTC One.

This is simply a construct of your imagination. If you really had that many Apple devices in your life you would already be able to walk on water, split atoms and not excrete waste.

Why on earth would you even CONSIDER a HTC One? The iPhone 5 runs rings around it, and EVERY and ANY future andriod phone released, or ever to be released.
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