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- In the M4/M16/AR with iron sights or modern optics, no matter the zero distance, from contact distance out to roughly 7-10 yards your height over bore is ~2.5" no matter what. Anyone who does not understand this, truly does not understand this platform. This is not shooter dependent either. It is a pure geometry issue with the line of sight and angle of departure of the projectile in relation to the height over bore of the irons or optic. So from contact distance to roughly 10 yards aiming at the middle of the forehead is where you need to be no matter what.

- Vickers Shooting Method instructors are generally good to go. They are not Larry Vickers but teach his shooting ideals. This does not mean that individual VSM instructors will not have their own unique style.

- BUIS should be up or fixed IMO. With enough correct training they are not an issue, but a complete positive in the need arises. Yes I know all of the arguments, but this is still my experience / opinion.

- 50y BZO or 100y zero are the 2 best IMO and the traditional 25m/300m zero is a bit too old school and most former high speed .mil guys will also say the same. Now here is where it gets interesting. Even with a 50 or 100, some will change their POA/POI which is shooter preference whether they go for a true POA/ POI of want to lolipop. No matter what if you are impacting about 1.5" low at 25M your outer zero is more correct load dependent. 1.5" low at 25 would get you more of a 50 meter true zero.

- Muzzle devices and the A2 is a very good standard. Those who think a break or a compensator on this platform is not an advantage in control and speed and I will 100% tell you that they are either #1 in the top 99.9% of shooters or that #2 they are not skilled enough to run this platform at the ragged edge of performance to understand the benefit. I will say 100% without a doubt that other factors such as blast, concussion, disturbance and flash signature are factors for certain users.

- There is almost no 100% across the board and what works for the majority will not necessarily work for everyone.

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