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I LOVE these watch threads. I wish this one had more pics though.....

LOTS of seriously beautiful watches here. Love the Rolex's and the Omega's. I ain't to that level yet, not even close. I am still in the Seiko, Suunto and Pro-Trek Casio level.

I did go and check out some of the new Timex watches and they have some really nice stuff. Looks like they are trying to compete with Casio. One of their watches that looks kinda odd and funny at first is that BIG SQUARE model the Expedition WS4. I found that after looking at it for a bit and then watching some Youtube vids about it, I am kinda wanting to try one. I realize that most people wouldn't wear that watch on a bet, that's OK, that's why they make so many different kinds and style of watches. I wouldn't mind it because I am used to wearing BIG and unusual watches as my every day watch is a SUUNTO vector just like the one posted earlier in this thread. Only mine has a Bond Zulu strap instead of the factory strap.

Some other watches I have on my list are:

1. Suunto X-Lander in silver finish
2. Casio Aviator in Orange
3. Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000
4. One of the new Seiko Solar Dive Chronos.
5. A Seiko Diver in PEPSI dress.
6. Seiko Caesar Diver, the SNDA13
7. Casio GX56 aka KING G-Shock.

That's about all I can think of right now. I'm sure i could come up with more though as I didn't add any on my list that are way out of my reach right now like the Submariner and the Omegas. Did I mention I LOVE watches?


Thanks for this thread OP.

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