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Steel cases in 1911

I have owned my 1911 for about 3 years now, and probably 90 percent of the ammo I put through it was steel cased Wolf or Tula ammo.

I have seen several sources state that in WWII, most ammunition was made with steel cases due to the shortage of copper (and brass). My 1911 is a RIA, and while it is not percieved as high quality as most other 1911s, it has performed flawlessly with this ammo. No jams whatsoever.

Most people claim that "comblock" weapons were designed with steel cased ammunition in mind, but I was wondering if anyone has ever thought the same for the 1911.

I am a HUGE Glock fan, and nothing will ever replace my 19. However, I have no concerns putting steel cased ammo through my 1911. This thing is built solid, and will last longer than I do if I take care of it.

So what is everones opinion about steel cases through 1911s?
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