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First the AK, now Glock...

So anyway I was snooping around WT as I sometimes still do because the sycophantic posts and crazed rants are still mildly amusing. Turns out he has either decided to abandon the Glock or is preparring to... Someone posted a thread saying that the day Suarez starts carrying a SIG is the day he'll 'eat a horse.'

Suarez's response... 'Start grilling bro cuz its coming. And trust me...your buddies have no idea how to run a DA properly...but I do.'

Now, I'm not knocking SIG here, but considering the push of all things SIG and that his online store is now little more than a SIG superstore I can't say I'm shocked. He really is a shill isn't he? I really wouldn't be shocked if he isn't getting a kick back from SIG for all this.

I wonder how long till Glock accordingly becomes a crappy sub-par pistol on the WT forums now???
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