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Originally Posted by Jade Falcon View Post
The same MORONS who believe Mitt will win, are also the same MORONS who thought McCain/Palin would win. Idiots.

Time to do away with BOTH parties, and start electing Third Party Candidates. But this country won't realise that until it's too late.
Our two party system will always have two parties... because it's a winner take all two party system. It's not perfect, but it's what we've got. One or both parties may cease to exist (like the whigs, Federalists, etc), but they will only be replaced by two more major parties.

No "Third Party" will ever gain prominence because that's not how our system works. The best any "Third Party" can ever do is replace one of the two major parties. Those who don't understand that need to go back to elementary school.

Originally Posted by gjk5 View Post
I won't blame Ron, just his retarded followers.
Yeah.. Ron Paul is a Republican turns out.
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