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Omega Seamaster or Planet Ocean for fishing/outdoors/water related stuff (big Bond fan), Rolex for everyday (Datejust Jubilee, Submariner, gold Daytona, Explorer I) and Breitling (Old Navitimer), Patek Philippe chrono and Cartier Pasha Seatimer Chrono for fancy stuff, and my Rolex 5513 any time I have to wear a tux. Yea, I'm a Bond dork, I know. I almost got a Tissot dive watch a while back because it had some cool features, but I'm not a big fan of spending anything over $20 if it has a battery in it, and frankly it wasn't that nice. Been obsessed with auto watches since I was 14, but 13 years later I finally got all the cool stuff I wanted. Now I'm moving on to full autos, SBRs, and cans. I guess it'll be cowboy shooting after that.
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