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Originally Posted by The Maggy View Post
I'm not sure what your idea of abortion is or medical practice in general; but it isn't like baking cookies.

The people that have the know how and the equipment to carry out abortions are currently doing so. The people that are not currently offering abortions either don't have the equipment or they don't have the know how. That is never going to change.

You can pay for:
A) an abortion
B) food stamps, school lunch, medical care, housing, ect for a period of 18 years+ years.

personally, from a purely political/economical standpoint... I'd choose option A.
Not true. Religious hospitals and clinics can choose not to offer abortions.

Abortion as a cost-saving plan for society is a fallacy since 1 million legal immigrants and 1-2 million illegal immigrants are brought into this country each year to make up for the low birth rate of our native citizens. While immigration is supposed to be focused on bringing in somewhat qualified people, nowadays only 1% of legal immigrant applications are denied due to lack of potential self-sustainability.
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