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Originally Posted by RYT 2BER View Post
2nd link too.. Wtf... Why do all the manufacturers all list jhps???
The 2nd link has an FMJ load for Power Pistol. I would start at 5.8gr of PP at the recommended OAL and work the load up closer to the 6.8 they list on that site eventually. The 180gr FMJ load that site lists and the 180gr JHP load in the Lyman manual are for the most part spot on. The recommened max for the 180jhp is 6.7gr vs the 6.8gr for an FMJ.

Power Pistol fills the case more than the HP38 or 231 load you mentioned which will make a double charge more obvious and the powder level easier to see. For someone starting out those are too big pluses. Also Power Pistol can get you up into the higher velocities and help keep pressures down to safe levels.

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