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Originally Posted by aplcr0331 View Post
I think it's funny that liberals call cons anti science when talking about global climate change. Then when you point out that biologists and other scientist believe life begins at conception (and then say it's a social issue so they dont have to be stuck in the debate) all the sudden "that science is fuzzy" and such. I'm pro-choice, keep aborting all you want. The right kinds of people are getting abortions. Don't tell me its a bundle of tissues. Again, I'm pro-choice.
Both sides make gross generalizations. Like the one you just made.

I'm a biologist and I don't believe that life begins at conception.

There is no brain activity until 40ish days after conception. So I defer to the philosophy:

"I think, therefore I am." ~Descartes

Life starts when you think your first thought IMO.

The really amusing thing here is: Making abortion illegal is like creating a gun free zone. If somebody wants to do it, it's going to happen. Protestant women in early America used to dump illegitimate newborns in the trash piles and toilet holes to avoid judgment from the community.
Tin Foil Free Zone.

Eagle Scout.

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