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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
Two non sequiturs in one post. Bren and I are hardly united. It doesn't matter who's expert it was, for a couple of grand I could get a neurologist to refute your neurologist.

That you're an ambulance chaser doesn't surprise me as no accomplished lawyer would try such a pathetic trick to try and muddy the issue.

What an indictment of the medical profession. Your neurologist prostitute would not stand up to the cross examination of an attorney newly admitted to the bar. I know it is probably very difficult for you to do so, but try to focus like a laser beam on the issue that what I have stated (about dominate hand, fine motor skills) is a PHYSIOLOGICAL fact. You should really take a logic class so that you can come up with a cogent argument, as it stands now, it is pathetic, really.

For the record, I have no need to chase ambulances; I am reputed to be a leading expert in my area of personal injury litigation. I have already made my money and now I function as a litigation expert advising other attorneys how to litigate cases, throughout the nation, within my area of expertise. The attorneys chase after me and I do not need to chase anyone.

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