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Originally Posted by syntaxerrorsix View Post
I've researched this for the better part of the day and I can't seem to find the cure.

I can no longer autohide the launcher and then get it to reappear again using the mouse. I know it's there as I catch a glimpse of the animation when minimizing windows but I can no longer place the mouse on the left edge or alternately the left corner and get it to reappear. I can use the super key to bring it up.
I'm running 12.04 as a virtual machine, with Docky installed on it. Before I installed Docky, the auto-hide feature worked fine. After installing Docky, sometimes it pops out just pulling the mouse over it, and sometimes I have to keep pushing the mouse to the left to make it pop out. And sooometimes... I have to hit "super" just to make it pop out, otherwise, it stays hidden completely. I've got most of what I need down on Docky, and I've gotten used to just hitting "super" when I want the launcher. It was kind of irritating at first, but I'm over it.
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