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Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
Read the citations and who they are from.

Regardless of the orientation of the website (very hard to find a neutral site on the abortion topic), the congressional testimony they cite lists the doctors, biologists and geneticists who made the statements.

It simply isn't true to state as fact that there are no credible scientists who believe life starts at conception. It is, in fact, a very mixed field and some of the top authorities on genetics and biology firmly believe that life DOES start at conception.
And it is a fact the a fetus can survive after 6 months and by all definition is a life from that point on but the pro-choice people will not admit that either. Some garbage about well it could not survive on its own. A 5 YEAR OLD CAN"T LIVE ON THEIR OWN EITHER YOU MORONS!!

Abortion is for the convenience of the idiots. Birth control works and when it don't you know within a month and can "abort" with black cohosh or the like.

Someone explain the logic that allows the woman to decide to go to term and make the man pay child support but if she wants to abort he has no say???????
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