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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
A JHP will be longer than a FMJ. So if you load to the same OAL your pressure will be a little higher. Your gun is different than the one than they used also. So start at the low end and then work your way up looking for an accurate combo. Once you find that stop. Running at or near max just puts extra wear and tear on you and your gun.

What powder were you thinking about using?
I am fond of win 231 and WSF in 40 SW with 180gr.
Red wouldnt it be the pressure would be more with the JHP? Since the JHP is longer more of the bullet will be in the case to get the same OAL.

I personally start above the staring load by around .3-.5 grain depending on the powder due to the fact that the firearms I shoot have heavy springs. Until you know how your firearms react start with the starting load and work your way up by .2-.5 grain increments, make around 10 cartridges of each increment until you get the desired accuracy and recoil.
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