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Originally Posted by Droid noob View Post
So my brother has a dog that barks his head off. The neighbor was outside and started barking back at the dog, out of frustration, apparently. The neighbor then starts cussing at the dog and spraying it with a garden hose. My brother walks out and asks the guy to stop cursing, as there are kids close by. The neighbor then proceeds to spray him with the hose lol. He simply walked away, letting cooler heads prevail.

I don't know what I would've done, but it would be really tough to just walk away. This is the kind of thing that will escalate to a bad situation quickly. I think I would have called the cops, even though it was harmless water, to document it. It would definitely be a tough pill to swallow, letting the neighbor get away with that. I understand a barking dog can be very annoying, but spraying someone with water can bring unecessary consequences.

Would you have just walked away, called the cops, or just beat his arse? My brother doesn't carry a gun, so that's not an issue with this situation. I understand if he had a CHL, then leaving the situation is the only way to go.
Your brother has the barking dog. Tell him to shut the stupid animal up! He was wise to not further the confrontation, but had he done his duty and either brought the dog inside or shut it up, this would not have happened. Your brother's fault, 100%.

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