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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
I beg to differ. Unless you're a cherry and don't know squat from diddly, you should take everything at face value. I've never taken Vicker's class but I've taken enough classes to see the preferences in techniques from many a well qualified instructors. They all think they're "right". However, I'd prefer to distill what I've learned across the board and pick out the best practices for my own application instead of swallowing the Kool-Aid from one school or another.

That's because these people were trained as gamers then tried to apply the technique to fighting/self-defense which was and is the essence of Gunsite classes.
Maybe--maybe not. Personally, I think you owe it to your instructor to try what he's teaching. I didn't say you had to live with it the rest of your life. But give it a shot.

You are spot on about the gamer vs. Gunsite mentality though.
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