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Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
I fired 12 people in 2008 that voted for Obama, I took a vote of my other people, they voted to get rid of them. I did explain to them that people do not get paid by poor people and good luck in finding another job, and also when they go home to explain to their families they would have to look to Obama for work, food, etc.

Now we only hire registered republican voters, we also got together with 22 other business in our area that also fired their Obama voters, in total we sent 67 liberal moochers on their way.
Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
Another moocher, and supporter of a truly incompetent person who has spent 6 Trillion dollars and running this country into the ground.

By the way what I need is to convince more companies in my area to rid themselves of these people, they support raising our taxes and implement regulations that are seriously detrimental to business that would create great hardship on me and my family, so I feel they should undergo that same hardship.

The President is for redistribution of wealth, so I feel it is only right to show the consequences of such action.

Okay, so two things, and this is based on the thought that you're telling the truth. I don't believe that for a moment, BTW, but I'll play along.

First, you're way to protest people getting food stamps, unemployment, other government assistance, etc, is to force those numbers to go up, and encourage other business owners to do the same? Do you even remotely comprehend the sheer stupidity of that? If what you say is true, then what you've just done - LITERALLY - is taken more money out of your business and put it into the pockets of those "mooches" that YOU, PERSONALLY, created.

Secondly, and again, presuming you're not as completely full o' crap as I'm pretty certain you are, but if you ask someone who they voted for - worse, DEMAND they tell you on threat of firing - I'm pretty sure you're going to be hearing from attorneys, because I'm pretty certain that is not something you could legally do as an employer. I know for a FACT if my employer asked me, my answer would be "Yes, I voted. See, here's my sticker!" and that's all they need to know.

But it doesn't matter, because I'm about 99% certain you're just talking out of your butt, being an "internet tough-guy" who probably mans a desk in some massive cube-farm. But you carry on saying whatever you'd like. Free speech - even if it's stupid - is still alive and well.
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