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Originally Posted by razdog76 View Post
That's easy, just use one of the several, spare coworker name tags in your cruiser... If the **** is really going to hit the fan, change it out to someone in admin.

When I was a young hard charger, I walked through admin and detectives with an unstated purpose.

After that, when some crazy loon or a similar person demanded a card, I gave them one of the previously appropriated and shuffled business cards. People that hadn't been on the street in 15+ years couldn't figure out why someone who was complaining to them days later that their apartment manager was part of the Illuminati's new world order and repressing their 'rights'.

I have only one regret in doing this - that I never put "joinder" on the back of the cards.
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Dear God, this is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. It's got to rank right up there with CALEA. -Pepper45
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