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Well,the wife has once again turned our home-theater room into a "MASH" unit once again,She's getting pretty good at this stuff I must compliment her on that. Fourth time in some nine and a half months.
Then we have the nurse twice a week,"eye-candy" is all I will confess to !
I will be home thursday and back to my "abby-normal" life.I still make my wife and doctor laugh so that's good.
My next major choice is hat. That is gonna be tuff though!
I've got this drainage tube sticking out of my head and was pondering,Hmmm? What would "GUCCI" do?
I thunk about it and ask the doctor if I could perhaps have another tube ,a fake one on the other side.Balance,braid it maybe,dreds,something and a durby,Hmmm?
I will keep the spirits up and once again ponder this!!

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