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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
Dedicated upper would be my choice and just swap out bolt heads. You can buy Stag uppers less a bolt carrier for around $480 and they are fine.
Not bad! I'll definitely look into that.

Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
The faster the twist the heavier the bullet it will support in .223. A 1-9 will work with around 69-75 grain bullets, but the 1-7 will work up to 80 grains and above. The 1-9 works well with the 55 grain rounds as well as the heavier 69 grains(some barrels will shoot 75 grains some won't, the 1-7 will shoot 75 grains but the 55 grainers aren't as accurate).
What do you prefer and why?

Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
If you don't have the tools on hand to do a barrel change, which includes a torque wrench, vise, clamp system, and barrel nut wrench you'd be better off with the second upper.
I just saw that, nothing quick about just changing the barrel. Ugh.
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