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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
I just took a class where we ran a 36 yard zero from the first day.
It worked fine and i'm trying it on my work carbine.

Hold over is a bit less at 15yards and in for head shots hairline is dead on in the eye box.

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Interesting. If you take the 3 day course from Larry Vicker's himself he will set you up with a 100 yard zero. Least that's what our instructor told us. But every zero method has its drawbacks.

In the Army we all zeroed our guns at 25 yards. And that worked fine for a rifle length barrel shooting 55 grain bullets at 3100 fps. (and actually it wasn't a dead on zero at 25 it was like 1.5" low) But with a carbine with a realistic self defense max range of 200 yards that poses issues with holdover at 100 yards. In the Army we were shooting out to 375 meters or so. You just aren't going to do that in any realistic self defense scenario.

In our course the standard at 50 yards was to be able to make 9 out of 10 "head shots" offhand. Only two guys in the course could do that consistently. I dropped 2 shots almost every drill. Most were not that consistent.
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