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I am sitting typing this on my HP laptop on Google Chrome with my iPhone 4 in my pocket. So, I'm not really biased.

What I like about the mac product is that it just works. Being more simple means it doesn't have the features, but being simple as it doesn't have as many problems.

The issue I have now is it seems that now that Steve Jobs is out of the picture Mac is going the ways many companies go once their founder is gone. They start caring more about the profit than they are the product. A good product brings the profit, but the bean counters don't see it that way.

Another example is Facebook. When Zuckaburg ran and owned Facebook, it was great. When he "sold" it (put it on the stock market and then pulled his shares) it has since then turned to crap. Every couple post, there is a sponsor posting. The people running it now are all about making the most money, and if they have to throw a good product into the garbage, they will. The fact is that these people who buy buisnesses were so great, then why can't they come up with their own company and make it big? There is a reason for that.

Kind of like the US government, when it was run by it's founders it was great, and since then has gone down hill. The people in it today couldn't build a republic that people would die to live in.
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