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Originally Posted by Trey83 View Post
It's likely that WW is on its way to being a respected if not highly reguarded brand. I have yet to see a negative comment from a single WW owner. We even have a few proud owners here on the site. It's just that they don't have a lot of feedback as of yet. If I liked the features and the price, I wouldn't mind taking a shot with them.

Out of curiousity, what was Walmart charging for the WW?
$799 for the SRC. They have a Sig in the case for $850, a Bushy for $950ish and the Colt 6920 for $1097. And the Sportical is there too, but I didn't note the price.

The Windham looks like a great deal. I may just have to be one of the buyers who helps them build that rep. If I decide that I want a railed top instead of the A2 style front sight, I'll almost certainly get the SRC. I'm getting ready to do my research on that and I think then I'll be ready to decide. Just wish there were more comparisons out there to learn from. Can't find any threads comparing Stag against WW.
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