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Originally Posted by Beware Owner View Post
Flip up front sight, M4 configuration, removable handle. Wouldn't mind a free floater, but that is what racks up the price, I think.

I want to shoot both calibers frequently, looks like getting a dedicated upper is the best solution, would you think?

Would 1 in 9 not be good for lighter loads?
1 in 9 would be fine for lighter loads, so long as you realize it limits you more than likely to 69gr and under. If you have no intention of ever shooting heavier bullets then don't worry about it. If you want to shoot both calibers frequently, another upper is definitely the way to go. Check out Palmetto State Armory under barreled upper assemblies section. You should be able to get what you want in a basic upper for south of $500, with the possible exception of the folding front sight as most of their uppers (and most of anyone's uppers) come with forged front sight bases.
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