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Originally Posted by Beware Owner View Post
Flip up front sight, M4 configuration, removable handle. Wouldn't mind a free floater, but that is what racks up the price, I think.

I want to shoot both calibers frequently, looks like getting a dedicated upper is the best solution, would you think?

Would 1 in 9 not be good for lighter loads?
The faster the twist the heavier the bullet it will support in .223. A 1-9 will work with around 69-75 grain bullets, but the 1-7 will work up to 80 grains and above. The 1-9 works well with the 55 grain rounds as well as the heavier 69 grains(some barrels will shoot 75 grains some won't, the 1-7 will shoot 75 grains but the 55 grainers aren't as accurate).

If you don't have the tools on hand to do a barrel change, which includes a torque wrench, vise, clamp system, and barrel nut wrench you'd be better off with the second upper.
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